The Doctors Become Patients

Their careers seemed so promising.

Dr. William P. Van Der Schaff and Dr. Elsa Reinard tied for valedictorian at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Reinard with a degree in Molecular Genetic Engineering and Dr. Van Der Schaff with a degree in Biological Engineering. The two of them were offered jobs straight after completing their degrees working for a powerful company called Biotechnica. Biotechnica provided a high tech laboratory for the two to work in as well as a highly funded research budget (about $5 million a month).

The catch: Biotechnica provided a project for them, top secret. The scientists were told what to do, but left uninformed of the overall situation. They were given the materials and told that together they were supposed to isolate the zombie virus that caused the zombie gene mutation that turned people into zombies. Little did they know that Biotechnica did not want to isolate this virus as a cure, but rather to sell it as a weapon of mass biological warfare destruction.

Growing suspicious, Dr. Elsa Reinard hacked into the company-provided system’s database one stormy night and discovered the whole evil plot. To her shock and dismay, her comrade Dr. Van Der Schaff was involved in a money laundering scheme with the company. Slowly, she buried her head in her hands, wondering what had become of humanity. She got up and ran to the fellow doctor’s lab, intending to confront him about his role. Little did she know, he was waiting for her, watching.

As Dr. Reinard strode into the other lab, a heavy sense of foreboding overcame her. She whirled around to see Dr. Van Der Schaff poised with a hypodermic needle full of the virus extract in his hands. She tried to run, her heels skidding on the tile floor, but the tall man quickly overcame her.

Trapped and cornered between Dr. Van Der Schaff and the table with the vials of blood sample from infected brains, she made a split second decision and launched herself at him, bringing the both of them crashing down onto the table. The table collapsed beneath their weight, the vials of blood shattering and cutting both scientists, as Dr. Van Der Schaff plunged the hypodermic needle into Elsa’s thigh. The two scientists lay there, gasping for breath.

Within minutes they were infected, consumed with brainlust, stumbling out of the laboratory dragging the carcasses of laboratory subjects as snacks with them, moaning and groaning, doomed to be undead forever.


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