TvsZ: Rules

FRIDAY, 1pmEST: See new rules #weapon and #overrun below . . .

Basic Rules:

Once every thirty minutes a zombie player may bite a human player who has tweeted in the last 5 minutes, by tweeting that person’s name and the two hashtags: #bite, and #TvsZ. Tweets that do not contain either of these hashtags and the victim’s name will not count as infectious bites.
Anatomy of a #bite tweet:
(@nameofhuman) [playful text about biting] #bite #TvsZ
@akendall5 that brain of yours smells delicious! #bite #TvsZ

If you are bitten, you may evade the zombie’s bite with a tweet that includes that person’s twitter handle, #dodge and #TvsZ. Tweets that do not contain either of these hashtags and the zombie’s name will not count as proper dodges. You will be munched on.
Anatomy of a #dodge tweet:
(@nameofzombie) [playful text about dodging the bite] #dodge #TvsZ
@zombie Not today, zombie! I wore my Nikes #dodge #TvsZ

If you are a human player who notices another human player has been bitten, you can nullify the bite by including the biter, the bitee, and the hashtags #swipe and #TvsZ. Tweets that do not contain the two hashtags and both players name will not count as a proper defense. The victim will turn into a zombie.
Anatomy of a #swipe tweet:
(@nameofhuman) (@nameofzombie) [playful text about saving your buddy] #swipe #TvsZ
@akendall5 @zombie leave my buddy alone zombie scum! #swipe #TvsZ

When a human is turned into a zombie, it is that player’s responsibility to go to the Scoreboard and mark that change.

Spirit of the Game: Twitter vs Zombies 2.0 is self-officiated, much like the “Spirit of the Game” concept in Ultimate Frisbee. In an Ultimate game, there are no umpires or officials. The players on the field make all the calls. We have adopted that. So if you get a #bite from a zombie, and there’s a flurry of #swipes and you aren’t sure whether or not any of them worked, you can just ask the other players to make the call. You could just tweet, “Anyone watching? Am I zombie or human?” and let the other players on twitter check the timestamps and see.

First Rule Release: Thursday, 1 P.M.
Live as of Thursday 1 P.M.!

• A HUMAN player who wants to comment in the game without risking infection needs to attach an original photo to the tweet along with #picsafe and #TvsZ. The photo should add something to the narrative of the game. If your tweet has a photo attached and the #picsafe, #TvsZ hashtags, zombies may not bite you for that tweet. (Your other tweets will still leave you vulnerable.) You may not have consecutive #picsafe tweets in your twitter feed. You may recharge your ability to use a #picsafe tweet by making a regular tweet. Using a #picsafe tweet will not clear your five minutes of vulnerability gained from a regular tweet!!!!!!!!
• Anatomy of a #photo tweet:
[text about photo (optional)] #picsafe #TvsZ [link to photo]
•Sample tweet:
[Link to photo] #picsafe #TvsZ

A ZOMBIE player may earn an #extrabite by attaching an original photo to a tweet and using the hashtag #extrabite with some text about the significance of the photo. A zombie may only gain one extra #bite per thirty minutes.
Anatomy of an #extrabite tweet:
(@humanvictim) [Text about photo] [link to photo] #extrabite #TvsZ
Sample tweet:
@akendall5 does this look like rot to you? [link to photo] #extrabite #TvsZ

Note: Original photo means one that you took yourself. Swiping a photo off the internet doesn’t count — and will leave you vulnerable to a bite.

Second Rule Release: Thursday, 8 P.M.

A HUMAN player can create 1 hour of protection by writing a blogpost about the game and tweeting a link to it. The blogpost must be a substantive post about the game and allow for people to post immediate comments that do not need moderation. The HUMAN player can pull other HUMAN players into the #safezone by including their names in the original #safezone tweet. The #safezone action tweet must include: #safezone, #TvsZ, a link to the blogpost, and the names of the human players included in the #safezone. Once in the #safezone, those HUMANS can tweet as much as they want for a whole hour without being bitten.

Anatomy of the #safezone tweet:
[text] @human1 @human2 @human3 [link to blogpost] #safezone #TvsZ
Example of a #safezone tweet:
I have finally boarded up the library @caty_posch @asus262 @jessifer [Wordpress or link to blog post] #safezone #TvsZ

Each ZOMBIE will get one #zapbite for the duration of the game. This bite will automatically turn a human into a zombie. The human has no defense against a #zapbite. A #zapbite can only work under the conditions of a regular #bite (for instance, only if a human has tweeted in the last five minutes, not after a #safepic tweet, not behind a #safezone).

Anatomy of a #zapbite tweet:
Body of tweet #zapbite @humanvictim #TvsZ (order of these tags unimportant)
Example of #zapbite tweet:
I, @allistelling, of undead mind and body to #zapbite @readywriting #TvsZ

Third Rule Release: Friday at 1 PM EST

A HUMAN can take a picture of a weapon (be creative — hit the zombie with a book, stab the zombie with an icicle, drown the zombie in a cup of coffee), attach the photo to a tweet and stun the zombie with the #weapon. The picture must be taken with your own camera, not something swiped off the internet. Your text should include a creative way of using some random item as a weapon. A #weapon will prevent a zombie from biting anyone  for 30 minutes.

Anatomy of a #weapon tweet:
[@zombie] [body of a message w/ #weapon somewhere inserted and a creative explanation of how the weapon is being used] [link to a picture] [#TvsZ]

Example of a #weapon tweet:
@SerPierce Away zombie! I throw my fierce cat at you. [link to picture of cat] #weapon #TvsZ

ZOMBIE players can break through a HUMAN player’s #safezone if the blogpost receives at least 10 comments from 10 different ZOMBIE players. Comments from ZOMBIES must include some engagement with the text of the blog post and must include the #TvsZ tag. Once this is done, the ZOMBIES must announce #overrun with an action tweet that contains a link to the HUMAN’s blogpost plus the hashtags #overrun and #TvsZ. All HUMAN players that were pulled into the #safezone will then be vulnerable to be bitten.

Anatomy of an #overrun tweet:
@humanwithsafezone [text about their safezone being overrun] [link to their safezone blogpost] #overrun #TvsZ

Example of an #overrun tweet:
@akendall5 your #safezone has been #overrun! [link to blogpost] #TvsZ