The game has officially begun! However, before you get started, there are some concepts and rules you should be aware of during your game play.

There is no deadline for Registration. You may join at any time. All players begin as humans. All you need to do is complete the registration form. Bitten by a zombie as soon as you entered the game? No worries, get one of your Twitter friends to register for the game and they can #swipe the bite for you! Also you must remember #swipe and #dodge won’t work unless the person is a registered user in the game.

There will be no umpires in the game so if you become a zombie you have to change your status on the scoreboard

There are two patient zeros @WillVanDerSchaf & @ElsaReinard. They are the ONLY Zombies who have unlimited #bite power. All other zombies must abide by the 30 minute #bite rule.

Now that the game has begun let’s have fun, learn, and create awesome zombie stories!